Off the Main Path

We had a football game today an hour away from home.  I was not excited.  I don’t mind driving.  I drive a lot for work. I just didn’t feel like it today.

Of course we went.  On our way, the road we were on ended at a “T” intersection.  But, going straight from our road was the entrance to a state park.  We had to turn left to get to the game.  And we were late!

On the way home, we went to check out the park!  There were lots of signs about hunting. I’m not sure if hunting is allowed in that park or not.  The signs made it questionable.  So, we decided not to go on trails.  But, we found this very pretty spot for boats.  We got out and took some pictures before taking the trek back home.

Tonight I am thankful for a pretty little spot off the main path today!  I wasn’t expecting to find such a pretty little gem while driving for a football game ❤


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