Strange Start

We are two days in to this week and I have had more weird house appointments so far than the last few months!

Yesterday I had two different houses, in two different cities, where there tenants in the buildings.  The tenants knew there were house appointments, left the house, and left their dog loose in the house.  Needless to say, I didn’t go in.  But two different tenants in two different cities on the same day!?  Weird!!

Today, I went to pick up keys for a scheduled appointment with multiple apartments.  When I arrived to pick up the keys, I was told one of the apartments was being re-keyed and the office didn’t have a key yet!

So I went off to my next appointment in a small-ish town that is has been tore up with road construction.  I went around the back-way thru town and couldn’t even get to the street I wanted.  Earlier, a semi-truck was going down the same back-way, went off the road, and hit an electric pole!  I parked three blocks away and walked.

Tonight I am thankful that hopefully this week got all it’s weirdness out in the first couple days here!  I am also very, very thankful for the nice sunshine today!  It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun walking those three blocks today if it were raining!

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