“Do you know where my phone is?  I want to set my alarm for 6 tomorrow.”

That line may not look too impressive.  But, boy it is!

My youngest is a picky eater.  A seriously picky eater.  Like, I thought I was bad; but I don’t have anything on this kid!

For days and weeks and months and well . . years, this child complains that we have no food in the house.  There is lots and lots of food in the house.  There is not Cheetos, Oreos, Cocoa Puffs, or Sun Chips.  Yesterday I heard how this child was going to starve to death in this house because we have no food.  He looked in the fridge.  He looked in the freezer.  He looked in the cabinet.  I assured him that we did in fact have food that he likes.  But he would have to actually cook it.  He declared that we still had nothing that he liked.  I let him whine for a little bit.  Then I took frozen chicken, dumped it in the air fryer, and pushed two buttons.  Viola.  Of course I mentioned how he should not eat this (one of his favorites) because there was nothing in the house that he would like and he would surely starve.  *insert eye roll*

Then a miracle happened!  One of those rare parenting miracles that gives great hope!  The child paid attention!!!!!!!

Today the child was hungry.  He took a frozen pizza, put it on the pan, and baked it!!!  *que trumpets!*  I have a selection of frozen foods for children to grab things and cook them easily.  I have told the children this for a very long time.  The older three will heat up the frozen food and eat it.  And now, the youngest may start doing it too!!

And then, before bed, the child asked to set an alarm to wake up and make muffins!  He is planning on making food again tomorrow!!  Hooray!

Tonight I am thankful that it appears that all of my children may now be on the path of realizing that they too can make food!!!  Maybe soon they’ll realize that they can wash things like dishes, laundry, the bathroom, etc . . . But we won’t go there tonight.  I’ll be happy with today’s progress!!!


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