This old lady gave us a scare!  Her name is Owl. She is my oldest barn cat.  She is small, but feisty.

Several years ago she had a seizure or a stroke (not sure which), that left her unable to walk for awhile.  She lived inside for awhile then.  Slowly she fought her way back.  After months she was back to her old self.  And she’s hasn’t had anything major since.

Until this past weekend.  This past weekend she came inside, curled up on my office chair, and slept for about two days straight.  She barely moved.  When I picked her up, she rested her head on me.  She couldn’t even hold her head up well.

I thought maybe it was just the end of her days.  She is old.  She’s lived a good barn cat life.  We kept her comfy.  Day 3 she moved a little more.  Day 4 she ate some food.  Today she ventured outside again!  We brought her back in.  I don’t think she’s quite ready for the outside again yet.

Tonight I am thankful that Miss Owl is doing better!!!  She is old.  Whatever happened here definitely took a lot out of her.  But she sure is a fighter!



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