Proud Momma

When I first became a cheer coach, I had two girls in elementary school; one who was old enough for the cheer program and one who was too young for the cheer program.

My heart feels truly blessed to watch both of these girls now in my last year as a cheer coach.  Yesterday started the Instructional Cheer program for kindergarten thru second graders.  Yesterday my oldest daughter helped coach.  Tonight my youngest daughter helped coach.

I am such a proud Momma!    These girls could hit all the cheer motions perfectly for hours and I wouldn’t be as proud as I am now.  Performing a job/sport/activity with care is admirable; but caring about people more than the job/sport/activity is where you find a richness in life that many dream of.

Tonight I am thankful my girls, who were once little and needed a coach, now both want to help coach and spend time with little girls. ❤

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