The Eyes Have It

Question and Answer time!!

What is a weird thing about me that you can’t tell from the outside?

Eh, I’ll just tell you.  You’ll never guess.

I have a mole inside my eyeball!!  Crazy, huh?  There is some fancy optical term for it.  But it is a mole inside my eye.

And like all moles, it is good to make sure it doesn’t change in size.

I had not been to the eye doctor since I had my Lasik surgery.  Mostly because I can see just fine.  But also because I HATE having my eyes dilated!!  I don’t have a driver at my beck and call.  So it usually goes like this – eyes dilated, can’t see worth a crap, drive home worse than a drunk, elderly person with cataracts, lay down for several hours with a headache from hell, and kiss the rest of the day good bye.

Today I had my eye mole checked.  I asked the optometrist if they have perfected a new technology to not have to dilate my eyes.  He said there was one thing, but it gave people headaches and made them sick.  I explained that I get headaches from the regular way.  And he diluted the dilating drops since he didn’t need to see everything in my eyes!  Yay!

Ok, it was still slightly less irritating then getting stung repeatedly by an angry hornet.  But, I got my vision back in about two hours versus my normal four to five hours.  And the headache was less severe.  Now, my eyes are just absolutely exhausted.

Tonight I am thankful that I didn’t need the full dose of eye dilating drops today.  Man I wish I could schedule that for an evening visit and just sleep til morning!  That would be a much better plan!


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