Another Way

Yesterday I ran up against a problem.  I had been planning for weeks for a business plan to go a certain way.  Then I found out that it wasn’t going to work.

Do you know the feeling of failure?  That’s how I felt.  I had given my word.  And I was racking my brain on how to make everything work out.  I wasn’t quite giving up; but I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

Last night I finally had an idea.  Today I made a few phone calls.  And it looks like things might work out . . I will hopefully find out for sure tomorrow.

Tonight I am thankful for ideas.  I know there are some times when it is best to just say, Hey, it didn’t work out and it’s time to go a different way.  But, I really like when it can be said, Hey it didn’t go how I thought it would, but there was still a way to make it work!


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