Scheduling Life

This is life:

Daughter finds something she enjoys.  It is a volunteer position that she can only do with an adult present.  That adult is me.  Hubster is allergic to lots of animals.  And I love all the animals.  So it is me with her.

Daughter has to wait for me to have time.  We manage to make it in to help a handful of times over the past few months.

Here we are now.  Fall sports are done.  Alright!  We can volunteer more!  Tuesday nights!  That will be our night!  We went last week.  We went this week.  And we heard . . . this is the last Tuesday night until spring.  With daylight savings time this weekend, there just won’t be enough daylight to keep volunteers coming on Tuesday nights.


I look at the weekend calendar for November and find one day, for a couple hours, when we can go help.  I sign us up.

And my daughter, who has told me on numerous occasions that her adult-future plans include absolutely as little work as humanely possible; is now talking about wanting to own the animal rescue one day. ❤

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to go help out when we have the chance.  I love when I see a fire get lit inside my children ❤  We will always make time for that!

“Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

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