Getting Closer!!

I am so absolutely, completely, and entirely excited!!!

Next month my family will be going on a vacation!!!  I am taking an entire week off of work!!!  Ok, I’m sure I’ll still return messages.  But, I will be 90-95% off work!  I have an awesome team of people here to help clients – so no one worry!  You will not notice my absence!!  Homes can still be bought and sold with the same great Ethos West care that you have come to know and depend on!

My daughter asked me last week if I would be able to manage without working.  Um . . YES!!  I have not taken an entire week off in 14 1/2 years!!  Even with having babies.  I had the last two babies, came home, and finished appraisal reports.  No one even knew I had a baby.  It wasn’t my preferred choice of course.  But I had my own business and we had babies to take care of!

Now here we are . . . almost ready to go!  I’ve wanted to do this vacation for well over a decade!  We almost did this last year (there was a blog when we cancelled it).  We had to cancel it last year.  I wanted to pay cash.  I want to go and fully enjoy this vacation and not stress about anything, INCLUDING paying for it!  Now we are ready!

One more year gave us time to get our family financials in better shape.  The vacation is paid for.  I’ve pre-bought souvenirs – they are cheaper here than there.  I am packing them to take with us and they will come out at different times during our trip!

I’ve researched restaurants in the area.  And I’ve added the address of our hotel to my Shipt account – we are going to pack lunches while we are there, so I’ve previewed the local grocery store.  We’ll get in to town and have groceries delivered!

We have a wonderful woman to be here with our critters!  She’s been so sweet to come over and visit with them!  That is a HUGE relief there!

Tonight I am thankful that this is really happening!!  It still doesn’t seem quite real!!!  But it is seeming more and more real!!!   I’m going to have a smile plastered on my face for an entire week!!!

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