I had heard about this thing that Disney does.  They stay open for special hours before or after their normal park hours.  They only sell a limited number of tickets for these events.  And from what I had read online, they were well worth the money.  I’d looked online.  But there weren’t any extended hour opportunities open while we’d be on this vacation.  I was so bummed.

Last night we got to our Disney Resort to check in.  And we were told that we could pay a little extra and purchase tickets for Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas party!!  Oh, we were sooo in!!!  And it just so happened that our first day in Disney was at Magic Kingdom.

The extended hours were wonderful!  We went on more rides in the last four hours today than we did in the first seven!  We got free Christmas cookies!  There was the Christmas parade!  And Minnie threw a Christmas party with fireworks!

Tonight I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to purchase the extended hour tickets.  And not  just any extended hours, but for the Disney Christmas Party!  How very blessed and magical!!!  ❤


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