Worked For

This has been fantastic!

This is the vacation that I’ve been planning since I became a mom!  Honestly!  I knew I wanted to take the kids to Disney one day.  I wanted the kids to be old enough to walk by themselves all day and not need naps.  We’ve been at those ages for awhile now.

In the past few years of learning about Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace, we’ve upped the requirements for this trip.  It had to be done in cash.  And it had to be done when the money wasn’t needed to pay off debt.  In baby-step 3, we felt comfortable making this a savings goal.  And we’ve been saving, since before we delayed this trip a year ago.  We just weren’t ready then.

But we are ready now!  And this has been great!  We’re all getting a little tired.  But it is worth it!  Today was Epcot.  Everyone had fun!  Tomorrow will be more fun!

Tonight I am thankful for the hardwork leading up to this trip.  Saving and planning and working for this has made the whole thing even more memorable.  I think the kids will always remember these few days!  I am thankful again for the wonderful lady watching our home and critters.  And today I was thinking of how thankful I am for God, clients and team members who have been instrumental to my businesses that have blessed us so!


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