We are home.  We had a wonderful time!  On the way home, there was a rainbow circle in the clouds!

This trip was so blessed!  I have prayed over this vacation for so long.  Over a decade in my mind, this vacation didn’t have to be perfect.  But I wanted it to be great!  We had great weather!  We had the Christmas party at Magic Kingdom.  There were so many rides that we got in line right before giant swarms of people.  Even with bus transportation, we showed up at great times for the buses most of the time!  It was all so blessed!

Further greatness of this trip – not one person from our six people family was sick!  All were healthy!  We left right before the snow.  We returned when the roads were most clear.  The van got two new tires right before the trip and were ready to drive us home.

We got home to a house of well taken care of animals from our wonderful friend.  And I am ready for a great night’s sleep in my bed!

I’ll be honest, my eyes teared up a little as we were walking thru the resort to leave .  It wasn’t tears of sadness, I was just emotional.  This was such a great trip!  It was wonderful!  I’d dreamed of it for so long for my family.  We worked so hard for this.  And I’ve been researching and planning this for so long.  The hard worked paid off.  It was great!  It was time to come home.  And it was just emotional.  Everyone is happy to be home and see the critters again!

Tonight I am thankful again for this wonderful family trip!  My heart is so happy and full!


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