I had spent about a year thinking about a virtual assistant.  I wasn’t sure how to let someone help me at that point.  I had built my Real Estate Appraisal business up and was now building my Real Estate Brokerage.  I was working 70 to 80 hours a week and was getting burnt out.

I had spent some time with a wonderful Entreleadership group.  I had done some research.  I needed help and I needed it now.  No time to train.  I didn’t even know where to start.  I needed someone to bring ideas to me and help bring organization to the chaos that I had inadvertently created.

Enter Miss V.  September, 2017 I signed with a company called Belay.  They hooked me up with the absolute best person!  I couldn’t have hand picked a better person.  Beyond helping to get me organized with business stuff, she is just an all around amazing person!  She quickly became much more than a business association; she quickly became my friend.

But, she was in Tennessee.  I have never gotten to meet her in person.  This summer she moved a bit north.  And then I traveled to Tennessee with my daughter’s girl scout troop.  Like seriously, right after she left the state!

Tonight I am thankful that tomorrow morning I finally get to see Miss V in person!!!  She is here!  In Michigan!  I get to see her tomorrow!  In person!  Woo Hoo!!!


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