Black Friday

A more recent Thanksgiving tradition has been to review the sales ads and make a plan of attack for the next day.

We don’t get up at 3am.  I like sales and good deals.  But I also like sleep!  6am at the stores is as early as I’ll commit to.

Yesterday, as we were looking at the Black Friday sales, I wasn’t impressed with most ads.  Until I saw the Menards ad!  It looked great!  Our plan was made.

This morning I drove to Menards to meet my mommy.  It was crazy!  The line wrapped around the building!  We went to the store next door to let the crazy crowd die down a little bit.  I had never been to Menards on Black Friday.

I was happily impressed!  The special sale items were organized in the groups that they are advertised in the paper.  All the employees we encountered were super nice!  And they had plenty of the sales items!  We were not the first in the door; and we still got the things on the list.  I told an employee how impressed I was with the organization and the pleasant team members.  He told me that all the employees worked today.  I wouldn’t like that if I worked there.  But, as a shopper, I thought that was a great idea!  There was plenty of help everywhere!

Tonight I am thankful for Menards keeping the fun Black Friday sales and Christmas cheer!  I am thankful for the nice, pleasant people there!  And thankful for the good deals!

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