Present Planning

I have eaten soooo much food the last few days!

And now it is time to give a Christmas present to myself – health.

We spent a great deal of time in the basement yesterday getting it cleaned out (again).  We are building a wall down there the next couple days to keep the kitties out of my exercise area.  I haven’t been exercising much due to kitty infiltration.  I have to keep things covered so the kitties don’t sharpen their clothes.  And one particular kitty thinks she should potty on my treadmill rubber.  GRR!

The boxes that I put all over the equipment to keep it safe have also been a deterant for me to go use the equipment!  I have to uncover everything and cover everything back up.  And it just is a bother when I may not be exited about exercising anyway.

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to uncover my home gym and do something nice for myself!  I’m sure my body will appreciate some better exercise, more water, less food, and better food!

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