Years of Waiting

The hubster and I went to our first Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert over a decade ago.  I was pregnant with our youngest child at the time.  That’s always good to help me remember the year!

We’ve went once since then.  It was a date night when the kids were young enough to need a babysitter.  Even then I knew I wanted to take the kids one day!

Unfortunately the ticket prices have risen considerably since that first concert we attended.  The past few years I’ve looked at tickets, and decided it wasn’t in the budget.

This year, thanks to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace plan, it was in the budget!  I had signed up to receive notice when the tickets first went on sale.  And I bought them!  The cheapest seats were still a lot when you multiply by our family size.  But, it was in the budget!

One good parts was that I did buy the tickets when they first went on sale.  Which mean that by tonight, I forgot the exact total.  Not worrying about the cost is a good thing when going out for a night of family fun!  This IS a small glimpse of the complete Financial Peace plan we are working on!  Dave Ramsey says there are three things you can do with money:  save it, spend it, and give it.  We’ve been saving it.  These past few days we’ve had some great Christmas-ey chances to give it.  And today we enjoyed spending it!  No you can’t buy happiness.  But you can by fun.  Today we bought fun!

Tonight I am thankful for the years of waiting to now be able to take the kids to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I have so much to be thankful for that has led up to fun days like today!  And I am extra thankful that the kids had fun at the concert!  They reported that it was “too long” when we were headed home and asked what they thought.  But, during the concert I saw their faces as they watched the show!  They can’t teenage-disguise their entertainment tonight!!  Not from me! ❤


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