What I Need to Remember

I think one of the most freeing, stress-relieving, and wonderful feelings in the entire world is remembering that God is in control.  And that we are just not big enough to mess up his plans.

I have this regular habit of taking too much on myself.  If I do this and that and this, then my plan will all work out.  Then comes the guilt.  Guilt if it all works out that I forgot to pray.  Guilt if it doesn’t work out that I forgot to pray.  Guilt, stress,anxiousness, and none of it from God.

I get harder and harder on myself.  Since it seems I keep making the same mistake over and over and over again.  And sometimes it takes my soul awhile to remember that God does not care how many times we mess up.  He is always there, waiting for us to turn back to him.

I don’t think anything else in life will paint a better picture of God’s love for me, more than then my children.  I think of something they mess up repeatedly.  For instance, the dishes.  They don’t want to use a washcloth for the dishes.  They want to use the scrub brush, or a sponge, or their finger, or who-knows-what-else.  With our hard water, the dishcloth just works best.  So they wash the dishes how they want and get frustrated when the glass still looks dirty.  If they had just washed the dish how I told them the first time, it would have been clean.  If they had asked me where the washcloth was, I would have told them.  I am always here.  Just as God is always here, not hating us for not listening to him, just patiently waiting for us to look for a better way.  And although I get impatient with the dirty dishes and may sometimes share some frustrations with the kids about their dish-washing choices; God is still patient.  He is not frustrated.  He is just waiting with love for us to turn around and remember he is there.

Tonight I am thankful for remembering that I don’t have to keep trying to make these plans on my own.  A great quote for tonight, “If your outcome is limited to your best efforts, then your outcome is too limited. . . . “.  Fortunately God is always there, ready to take us past our own thoughts and plans; and on to something much greater and better!

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