Just a few years ago I kept a spreadsheet during my Christmas shopping.  I had a complete list of what everyone was getting, the retail cost, and my sales cost.  I had the columns calculating what I had spent and what I had saved.  That was great!

Last year I kept the list.  But I stopped tracking the spending and savings.  I had a pretty good grasp on it.  And we had our Christmas savings account that was budgeted all year long.  So I was good.

This year . . . I SUCK!  I’ve bought some things.  Most of them are in one location.  I don’t know really what I’ve bought.  And I had a lot of shopping left to do!  This week I snuck in some online shopping.  And today the first box came!  Tonight I snapped some pictures to start logging what I’ve gotten so far.  By the end of this weekend I should have a pretty good idea of where in the world I am with the shopping!

Tonight I am thankful for online shopping!!!  I have been so disorganized so far!  But I will getting better really quickly!

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