A situation arose at the end of last week that was very unexpected.

I am a problem-solver.  So of course, I came up with many different possible solutions; most of them not good.

A good quote, yes from Dave Ramsey again, is “usually after I get desperate, I get stupid”.  This situation is not one that requires desperation . . . yet.  The sooner we get this figured out, the less desperate it will become.

And I have to say that a few of my ideas to fix this situation were stupid.

This morning I woke up before my alarm with ideas swimming all thru my head.  I’ve been doing some research in between being kiddo chauffeur and wrestling fan.  I’ve reached out to a good possibility for a solution.

And tonight I am thankful that I took a step back from that desperate feeling, to realize it was just a feeling.  Feelings pass.  And a good way to change fleeting feelings is to gain knowledge.  So I will keep at it!  But I can definitely say that I am ending the day feeling a bit more informed and a lot less desperate in my thinking about problem solving this unexpected situation!

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