It has been around one year since I first used Shipt!

Our very first Shipt shopper brought us ingredients for Christmas cookies. I had my account created for a little bit before.  And that day last year, I wanted to make cookies.  But I had a messy kitchen to start with.  I had time to either clean the kitchen or go to the store.  I did not have time to do both AND make the cookies.  So I had the Shipt shopper get the groceries while I cleaned the kitchen.  And we had wonderful cookies that day!

I had a tentative plan for Christmas cookies today.  We did not end up doing the cookies.  We will next weekend!  But today a Shipt shopper came to the rescue again!

Well, rescue of convenience.  My daughter was supposed to have a fruit tray today.  I thought I had done so good!  Yesterday I remembered the snacks for the wrestling meet and the gift for a party.  Today we had the gift for the party.  But not the fruit tray.

I am usually a happy grocery shopper.  But today I totally wasn’t feeling it.  So I ordered up some fruit and some groceries to get us thru the week!

Tonight I am thankful for the helpfulness of a Shipt shopper!  And although the prices are a little higher, I really do save money with the decrease in impulse buys!  That has definitely been proven this past year!

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