There was a library book lost in this house . . again.

When the kiddos were smaller I tried several different things to keep library books from getting lost.  Now that they are a little older, we haven’t been having as many troubles.  Until recently.

For a week or two my son has been talking about reading his book in the library for his upcoming project.  He hasn’t been allowed to check out a book because he never returned his last one.  He said it was lost.  He was sent looking for this book several different times.  He said he would pay for a replacement for the library out of his own money.  Except he’s been spending his money and doesn’t have enough!

I’ve sent him around several different days looking for this book.  He’s asked everyone in the house if they’ve seen it.

Today mom took pity (or lost patience) with the situation and found the book in 5 minutes, in the middle of his room, sitting right out in the open. *eye roll*

Tonight I am thankful that the lost book is found!  Hooray!  We can maintain our good standing with the library!  🙂

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