Elf Tissues

There is a very special lady in my life that I’ve spent every Christmas Eve with since I can remember.  Well, ok there are two special ladies!  My Mom and my Grandma!  I’ve been very blessed to continue the tradition with my family of going to to see these ladies on Christmas Eve 🙂

Tonight I had given my Grandma her gift with a little funny elf tissue holder attached to it.  Grandma always wants to have tissues with her at all times.  It wasn’t until she opened up the tissues that I remembered that she liked the pocket tissues that open up bi-fold.  Kleenex used to make them that way.  But recently they’ve made them open up like the Puff’s pocket tissues.

My mom had looked high and low for tissues that opened how Grandma likes them.  And she just hadn’t been able to find them.  And here I had found them on accident!  Well, I now had an extra Christmas-Elf Mission!

I looked up on my phone and found out that Target was open until 10pm on Christmas Eve.  Who knew?!  I had gotten the elf tissues at Target in their cheap-things display at the front of the store.  We drove home thru town and stopped at the closest Target.  They had 20 elf tissues!  I bought them all!

Tonight I am thankful that something as silly as pocket tissues can be a blessing to someone 🙂  And I am thankful that I was able to pick up 20 more of them tonight!  Grandma will be so happy 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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