Merry Christmas!!

We got to stay home all day.  It was glorious!  I took TWO naps!

Everyone sat in the dining room for our Christmas dinner of macaroni and cheese 🙂  We had a nice lunch with lots of filling food.  And everyone was snacking all day.  Even the macaroni and cheese wasn’t finished by the full tummies.

Over dinner we brought out our Silver Box.  We didn’t read the story together this year.  But they remembered the story from previous years.  It is a great book, if you haven’t read it I highly recommend it.  A family had a special silver box that they put out at Christmas.  Inside were notes of things that they had done for others during the Christmas season that were a present to Jesus for his birthday!  We looked at things we had done to be a blessing to others and were surprised at what we had done!  We remembered that we weren’t taking an accounting of the things we had done to think of how we great we were in giving; but rather to celebrate kindness and remember that Christmas started with the biggest gift of all.

After dinner, we continued the Christmas movie marathon in our living room.  And made some Christmas cookies for dessert!

Tonight I am thankful for a relaxing and wonderful Christmas spent at home with my family ❤  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!!



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