Two Cakes

Today is a special day!  Several years ago on this day I was blessed with a beautiful baby!

When I was pregnant I was so hopeful that this baby would wait!  My due date was predicted to be January 4th.  According to the internet, only 5% of babies are actually born on their due dates.  And of my four babies, this one was the one to be born on his due date!  I was so relieved to make it thru the holidays that year!

Now we are many years later.  The birthday kiddo is taller than me now!

I still make special cakes for the kiddos on their birthdays.  I told the birthday kiddo that there will be two cakes this year.  I have too many sicky germs to be breathing on food right now.  So today’s birthday cake was a regular cake.  And when I am better, I will make the special cake I had promised!  Two cakes were an agreeable idea to the birthday kiddo!

Tonight I am thankful for another successful kiddo birthday in our home!  We had the requested birthday dinner of bean soup, light up alien balloons, presents, and cake #1.  Happy birthday baby!


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