Should Have

I probably should have went in to Urgent Care today.  I thought about it.  Then my fever broke.  Yay!  Then it came back.  Boo!

When this happens now, I wonder . . is it pneumonia again?  It would have been so much better if I had symptoms the first time I had it.  But I had none except a fever.

Tonight I actually made a good decision for myself – not my specialty.  I cancelled two morning appointments.  And I will go in to Urgent Care.

This would just be a random thing.  Except the hubster really needs me tomorrow.  I really thought I would be ok.

Tonight I am thankful for at least one goo decision to take the morning off to go see a doctor.  Hopefully they will get me all fixed up (or some version of it) so I can be there for the hubster tomorrow.  We’ve been doing so much getting ready for his surgery, I certainly didn’t think I, myself would be a problem.

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