Business Partner

I have said for many years that the biggest draw back to having my own business is that I can’t call in sick.  I did move one appointment this week to give myself some time to rest.

But here’s the really cool thing, I only needed to move one.  For the life of my businesses, I have prayed over them both.  I think I’m a relatively smart person.  But I’m not smart enough to do as well as these businesses have done with everything else that has happened in life.  My business partner is awesome because he can see things that I can’t see.

This is not the first time in business that I would need some slow days; but would have no idea that I would need some slow days.  Yet, at the perfect time, just when I need them; there is a slow down that blesses me and lets me be able to handle whatever it is I need to handle.  In fact, if I recall correctly, the last time I got pneumonia this happened also.  I can’t schedule this stuff!  Yet, it works out.

Tonight I am thankful that when I can’t see what’s up ahead, God is looking out for me.  It is true that I don’t always remember to pray about my business.  And those times I don’t, are the times when I don’t do as well.  I’ve proven that over and over in the past 15 years.  And the rest I’ve gotten this week has been surely needed!

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