The Ones Who Love

Today I spent almost all day in bed.  I did leave tonight.  Yes, there were warnings for slipper roads.  And, yes, I knew I should have stayed in bed.  But I’d been waiting for the Mr Rogers movie to come to Williamston’s Sun Theater.  And tonight we went!

I loved Mr Rogers when I was a kid!  I used to watch him all the time.  And I’ve been excited to see this movie.  I didn’t know it was based on article written about him.  And I’d never read the article; until tonight when we got back home.

I won’t ruin it for those still waiting to see it.  It was very good!  He was such a good and caring person!  A part that was in the movie and in the article and apparently in an acceptance of a lifetime achievement award; was Mr Rogers asking people to spend just a few seconds thinking about someone who loved them in to being.

What a powerful thing!  There is so much judgement now days.  I suppose there always was.  With social media now it seems magnified.

The truth is that not everyone will love you how you want them to love you; not everyone will talk to you like you want them to talk to you; and not everyone will care about you how you want them to care about you.  But what if you made an intentional effort to just take a few seconds to be thankful for those who loved you and fed in to your life in any way.

What if you let go of the anger, the frustration, and the expectations; and were just thankful that someone cared about you, maybe in the best way they could at the time, and they spent their attention for a snapshot in time, on you.  I’ll bet you will end up feeling a lot more loved than you do holding on to the negative feelings.  Mr Rogers saw that in people every day.

Tonight I am thankful that I snuck out of my bed tonight and went to see a movie about a wonderful man.  I am thankful that I came home and read the article that inspired the movie.  I am thankful that Mr Rogers took the work God gave him to do very seriously.  And I am thankful for the reminder to just count the love given in life. ❤

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