One per Month

The hubster and I chatted this morning.  And we made a plan.

We are going to focus on one room of the house per month (including the basement and attics).  In the month’s time we will go thru every inch of the room.  I tried this a little bit last year by myself.  But this needs to be a family activity.  We are going to get a poster board to write the tasks on and who will do them.  Yes, a poster board . . I want a nice large master plan that everyone can see!

I am excited!  We have a lot of stuff in this house that we don’t need.  And I fight with my inner pack-rat when trying to declutter!  So this will be great as a family activity!

Tonight I am thankful for a plan to have help with lightening our household!  I did a bit last year.  And I did get rid of a bit of stuff.  But I definitely need help!  And now the help is here!

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