Choose Caring

I heard a very good piece of advice in Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership.  Dave says that he operates his business by the Golden Rule.  And he puts a lot of thought in to it.

More than just “do unto other as you’d have done to you”.  That sounds a little stuffy, right?  How about, how would you want someone to treat you, if you were in that position?  That’s a good way to think of it.

Or maybe, how much can I do to minimize the negative feelings of someone I’m working with?  What is within my power to be able to do to extend grace and care to those around me?

I’ve been reading this stuff and listening to this stuff.  So today, when notice was given that a valuable member of my team is going to be moving on to an exciting new opportunity; my answer was clear in front of me.  She has a great opportunity in front of her.  And I choose to be happy for her.

Tonight I am thankful for the time she’s spent with me.  I’m thankful for her ideas, her organization, her friendly chats with clients, and most of all for her friendship.  I’m thankful she’s been a part of my life!  I know she’ll do great wherever her next steps lead her.

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