I have one kitty that loves to sleep.  Any time I go near my bed, she runs in the room.

She does NOT like my cell phone.  I have it next to the bed and use it as an alarm clock.  She bites it and tries to gnaw on corners.

This morning I picked up the phone to turn off the alarm.  Sleepy kitty reached up with both paws and grabbed the phone.  I thought I would play with her with the phone.  I moved it and made her reach out more.  Then I sleepily dropped the phone and her paws, with claws out, fell on my face.

Tonight I am thankful that I only got one scratch on my face.  I really could have wound up with a lot more scratches. There are a lot more than just one claw on those two kitty paws!

And yes, I’ve learned my lesson . . no trying to out-muscle a kitty when I’m still half asleep!


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