The hubster doesn’t like a big internet to-do.  So I do try to keep my comments about him to a minimum on here.  But, tonight he gets the spotlight!

It has been a week and three days since his surgery.  And he is healing up nicely!  The surgery took a slight unexpected turn.  As, it was supposed to be a reconstructive surgery.  And the thing that was supposed to be reconstructed was no longer present in his body.  His body is weird.  He has had several surgeries over the past many years.  And his body is just always full of surprises!  Although I don’t know if that is specifically a good thing.  It sure keeps the doctors on their toes.

Tonight I am thankful that today the hubster took a few, very careful and ginger, steps on his own!  Yay!  He really needs to keep using his crutches.  But, he tried a few steps without and did pretty good.  Hooray!  I’ll challenge him to a race maybe next week 😉

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