The Real Deal

Last night I went to bed early.  This morning I hit snooze several times.  Approximately 10 hours of sleep and I was exhausted.  Among other symptoms, this exhaustion is just not going away.

So today I went to see my real doctor.  Did I see a fake doctor before?  Well no, but I had went to an Urgent Care doctor.  He was very nice.  But my real doctor knows me better.  And my real doctor looked at what I was prescribed and said something to the effect of – it was no wonder that I still felt like crap.

Here I was blaming my body for not getting better quick enough.  And it seems my body has actually been a rockstar doing most of this healing on it’s own!  Yay Body!  And my formal apologies to my body for thinking it was slacking off!

Tonight, two kiddos and I picked up my new prescriptions.  My real doctor is estimating that I should be feeling much better in a matter of days.  I am excited!  It’s been almost two weeks of feeling Icky.

Tonight I am thankful for going to see my real doctor today!  I have all my new medicines inside of me now and I’m going to go to sleep.  I’m going to sleep extra again tonight.  And I am just a little hopeful that I might wake up feeling a bit better tomorrow than I felt today.  I hope!  I hope!!

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