I’ve had a pile of papers on my desk that I haven’t wanted to attend to.  You know how it is?  Some piles of papers are just not as fun as other piles of papers.  Some piles of papers you may daydream about making them visit the trash can, or them accidentally blowing out a window, or going thru a paper shredding machine . .

Well these papers had been staring at me and condemning me to the guilt of not dealing with the papers.  Slightly evil inanimate objects, aren’t they!?

Today I am thankful for setting aside some time to dig thru the pile of papers that have taunted me from their place on my desk.  Yay being responsible . . ok, maybe that doesn’t deserve a “Yay”.  But I do feel better having that particular task done.

And just look at my kitty . . she is sleeping so soundly on the less bumpy pile of papers!



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