Yesterday I went to a foreclosed home that had been sitting empty for some time.  Sitting in a bedroom closet was a kitty.  The kitty had almost no reaction when I came close.  I reached out my hand and the kitty didn’t care.  It didn’t try to move or sniff me at all.  I pet the kitty and felt all its bones.

The person I was with called the animal control people.  They couldn’t come get the kitty.  So I brought the kitty home.

I got the kitty to eat a little bit last night.  The kitty was very thirsty.  Today the kitty has eaten even more!  And the kitty has gotten a little bit stronger already!

Tonight I am thankful that the kitty is showing signs of improvement already!  The plan is to find the kitty a wonderful new home where no one will ever leave him to starve again.  That’s the plan . . yep . . . don’t get too attached . . . too late.  We are already loving this kitty!  We have lots of kitties. It’ll have to be the right home for us to give the kitty away.  My head says the right home is out there.  My heart says keep the kitty.  We’ll see which part wins out!



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