I don’t know about you, but this week was just odd for me.  I don’t feel like I knew what day of the week it was for most of the week.  I couldn’t seem to watch the clock very well for places I had to be.  My motivation to work, exercise, clean, cook, or be awake has been basically non-existent.

Of course I’m an adult and had to do some adulting.  But I would have much rather spent the last week in bed 95% of the time.

I was sitting in the van tonight while my kiddo had basketball practice and tried to come up with a plan.  So here’s my plan . . .
#1 kick the hubster to the couch so I can sleep in peace!! 😉  Did I mention he did a sleep study this week and our insurance does not pay for the study to be done at a medical facility?  So I had to sleep next to him while he was hooked up to sensors.  He slept horrible and the cat tried to take the sensors off him.  Yep, that was a fun night . . NOT.
#2 eat healthier.  I’ve ate pretty crappy this week.  I just didn’t care to do better.  And comfort food is, well comforting.  But, I must be more adultier about food choices!  I notice the difference in how I feel when I eat better.  I’m sure that could have helped my week.
#3 exercise anyway.  Whether I feel like it or not.  I just need to do it.  I know I feel better when I exercise.  So I’ve got to focus on the good stuff that I know is coming after.
#4 watch my vitamins.  I know I’m lacking something.  I have lots of good stuff around here . . I should probably use it.
And #5 take more naps.  A good 10 – 15 minute nap usually helps great.  I know I spend that scrolling thru Facebook.  I might as well make a better use of that time.

Tonight I am thankful that I have a plan.  I’d like to say I’m going to sleep lots and lots this weekend.  But there is too much to do.  So I’ll follow the plan instead!  Happy Weekend All!


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