Tomorrow my daughters and I will be attending the Women’s Expo.  My sons and hubster are invited of course!  But they choose not to attend.

We’ve been going every year for a long time . . . like since I was pushing kiddos in a stroller.  My mom, aunt, and grandma used to come also.  The last few years it has been just my girls and I.

I’ve heard talk from people about how the Women’s Expo it lacking in some areas of women empowerment.  This year I’ve heard talk of how the whole expo’s theme is telling women that they aren’t good enough.  Hmmm . . . because they have make-up there?

I wanted to argue a bit.  I have a tendency to argue.  After some consideration, I decided a better plan would be to share what exactly has happened to me in the years I’ve been attending the expo.

I got a discount on new windows for our house.  I got a discount on leaf gutter guards.  I bought a book and had it signed by a Michigan author.  I’ve gotten a massage.  I bought cookies.  I bought jerky.  I collected free chapstick, lint rollers, magnets, pens, etc.  I ate free cupcake samples.  I stocked up on coupons for future purchases.  My daughters got to try a super-curling iron, hair chalk, and nail wraps.  I got my wedding ring cleaned for free.  We pet dogs.  We laughed and laughed, and laughed some more.  Nothing of my experiences for many years has been lacking of empowerment or telling me that I’m not good enough.  Seriously, if that were the environment there, I would not attend and I certainly would not subject my daughters to it.

Tonight I am thankful that tomorrow is our annual girl’s day going to the Women’s Expo!  We’ll have some breakfast.  We’ll go to the top of the parking ramp (if it’s open).  We’ll look out over the river, as we walk over to the event.  We’ll see what there is to see. We’ll choose what we want to do there.  We’ll laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more!

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