What a day of fun with my girls!

I absolutely love when they enter their own world of sisterly fun ❤  They laugh and giggle and laugh until they can barely breathe.  It makes my heart smile to watch!

At the Expo today we had lots of fun, ate yummy food, and learned lots of good stuff!  Last year there was a wonderful masseuse there!  I took his business card . . and lost it.  He was back this year!  I put his card in a safe place!  And I will take a picture!  Over the past year I’ve tried so hard to remember where he was from.  Now I know!

All the Expo stuff was great!  The very best was the ride home when my girls got the giggles!  There is just nothing better than my kiddos having fun together!

Tonight I am thankful for a great Women’s Expo day today!  We’ll be back next year!


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