Oh My Goodness!  I almost missed our Gotcha Day with our sweet Mittens Kitty!!

I was thinking about it leading up to February 8th.  On that day I was running all day long.  I thought of it yesterday though!

We had no kitties in the house until Miss Mittens.  Our previous house kitty had grown old and passed away.  The hubster had declared “No More Kitties in the House!”.  I told him that wouldn’t last.  Then I found Mittens.  She was half frozen on the side of the road.  Her insides were half-frozen.  Her back legs were frozen.  It took her a long, long time to regain full use of everything.  She is now the princess of the house!

Tonight I am thankful that seven years ago, in a snowstorm, I spotted a kitty moving her head on the side of the road.  We all love our Mitty!  And she still hates the outside world and anything cold!

3-16-2018 9-38-39 PM

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