Last year I had designated time on my calendar for “Strategic Planning”.  Um . . I think out of twice a week for many, many weeks, that I actually did it once or twice.  Somehow everything else always seemed to take precedence over the time that I wanted to spend planning my business and setting goals.  I still planned business and set goals.  But it was  sporadic and not the designated time I desired.

For the next many weeks a kiddo has a two hour engagement, twice a week.  That means that twice a week I will be driving said kiddo, and sitting in the car for two hours.  That means, that I have my planning time!  Hooray!

Tonight I am thankful for the next two months of mandatory time away from my computer every week to plan!  I am looking forward to it!

P.S.  My steering wheel attachment to make an in-vehicle desk is still alive and well!!



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