Ok, ok, I know I complain about the hubster’s snoring often.  And I know that I talked about enjoying the sleep quality of not sharing the bed with my snoring hubster when he was sleeping in the recliner after his surgery.  But, I’m ready to take some of it back.

See, our insurance wouldn’t pay for the hubster to go in for a sleep study at first.  He had to wear an at-home thing that measured him.  He went in yesterday morning to talk to the sleep people.  They said that a normal person stops breathing up to five times per hour.  (I think he said per hour).  Over 30 is severe.  He stopped breathing around 34 times.  They wanted him to go in immediately for a sleep study at their facility.

So last night, I was hoping to have a wonderful night of sleep alone!  I couldn’t 😦  I tossed and turned wondering how he was doing.  I guess for me to enjoy the quiet, roomy bed; I need to know that he is safe and sound in the recliner.

Tonight I am thankful that the hubster is getting the help he needs to sleep better.  I asked him yesterday when the right time was to say “I told you so”.  I’ve been strongly suggesting he gets a sleep study done for years.  He said he didn’t believe there was a correct time for me to say “I told you so”.  Hmph!  Maybe on my birthday 😉


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