Four weeks ago a kiddo got braces put back on.  *sigh*  Kiddo was unhappy.

Later that day, kiddo had a weird blister appear.  The next day there was another blister.  Then we were at the weekend.  A quick scan of the internet led me to believe that kiddo was now allergic to something in the braces.

That Monday morning, the orthodontist wanted to see kiddo right away.  Orthodontist also believed kiddo to be allergic and changed the nickel wire to titanium.  Kiddo seemed to be ok for almost a week.  Then there was another face blister.

This time the orthodontist said kiddo should see the allergist.  I personally have never been to an allergist.  From what I understood, the allergy testing was like a one time thing.  Now we know that a metal allergy test is different.  Tuesday kiddo got metal things poked in to her back.  Her back was covered and taped lots of different ways.  Thursday her back was inspected.  Today her back was inspected.  And Monday her back will be inspected.  Wowzers.

Tonight I am thankful that we now know two things that kiddo is allergic to.  Both items are used in orthodontics. Hopefully next week we will make a good plan for my now metal-allergic kiddo.  Invisalign perhaps?  Or duct tape?  Maybe we will just duct tape kiddo’s teeth? He he he!

For braces visual entertainment – please see below picture borrowerd from


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