Never Again

The picture below was my view yesterday, late afternoon, as I slid backwards down a steep, curing driveway surrounded by trees and swamps.  I do believe my minivan would have had no problems on the hill.  I was driving the hubster’s car.

I don’t scare easy.  On a regular basis I go solo in to basements of strange houses with no electricity.  I go in to boarded up houses.  I’ve gone in to houses that are supposed to be vacant, but have animals or squatters in them.  I’ve got pretty good nerves and lots of prayers.

Yesterday I was shaking.  Yesterday I was scared.

I put the car in Park and it kept sliding.  I had my foot on the brake and the car stopped.  Everything I tried did not work.  Park, Drive, neither helped my situation.  Only my foot on the brake stopped the car from sliding down the hill.

I called a tow truck.  Everything the nice man tried was not working.  I was getting ready to just let the car fall down the hill.  I mean, it is fully insured.  Finally, an idea worked.

Little by little, we let the car slide down a few feet.  When the car went off the driveway, the tow driver hooked up the back end and pulled the car back to the driveway.  Then he took off his equipment.  We’d slide the car down a few more feet until it was going off the driveway again, and he’d hook back up and pull the car back over.  Little by little, slowly, a few feet by a few feet.  Until finally I was down off hill!

Tonight I am thankful that the car and myself are both ok.  It was just shy of three hours from getting stuck on the hill to getting back off the hill.  I plan to never do that again.  Today I was glad to be driving only my van again.



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