3 Out of 4

Before Christmas, I spent a lot of time thinking about each kiddo for their event/outing gift.  I wanted each kiddo to go somewhere that would have the most meaning for themselves.

First, my basketball boy went to see the Harlem Globetrotters.  My car boy went to the Auto Show.  My Hamilton fan got to see Hamilton.  And today was number four.  My fashionista had tickets to a fashion show.

When I had the idea to take her to a fashion show, I spent quite a bit of time on the internet.  There are a lot of small groups that host fashion shows.  For instance, a high school had a prom fashion show.  That wasn’t what I was looking for.  In all my research, I thought I found a winner.  And today we drove to Grand Rapids, to the show.  There was to be a runway show with vendor booths.  It sounded perfect!

Then we arrived.  I saw preteens/teens in a two rooms with the doors left open outside the event area.  We entered the event itself to find what appeared to be most family members.  We stayed and waited.  We had arrived right on time.  Forty five minutes later the show had not yet started.  Turns out the show started an hour after the time of the event.  That was not noted anywhere.  And we grew increasingly uncomfortable as we were obviously not family members there to watch the rest of the crowd’s family members.  So we went out and visited the vendor booths.  We scored a few good deals there.  *sigh*   This was not the fashion show that I thought it would be for my girl.

Fortunately we were not going to let that spoil our evening!  We had noticed a mall and a Culver’s down the road.  We got some dinner and visited the mall.  They had a two story Barnes and Noble store!  And they had a Cheesecake factory!  Mmmmm!  On the way home we stopped and had our own fashion break with some discount store fun.

Tonight I am thankful that although this fourth Christmas event was not what we were hoping; we still had a great time tonight.  And my girl said she had fun ❤


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