Sometimes I think it seems silly that when I get to the end of the day, and I go to write my blog, I think that I am so thankful that I made it thru the day!

Tonight I tried to think of something more.  Maybe something more meaningful.  Or maybe something more important.  Many times I just write that I am thankful that I made it!

My thought tonight is that I really shouldn’t discount the feeling of making it thru the day!  I did not get enough sleep last night.  I had a full day of appointments.  And I had a full day of work at my computer.  I made sure the kids got good food (thank you Shipt!).  And I had moments to chat with each person in this house.  I pet and snuggled my doggies.  I didn’t loose my cool when the cats knocked stuff off my desk again!!  (P.S.  My left “Alt” key is missing from my keyboard.  It was there when I went to bed last night and gone this morning.  None of the cats are talking . . . they may be holding it for ransom).

There is nothing too glitzy-spectacular there.  But it was not a bad day by any means.  And I made it thru the day, ready to slide in to bed and sleep for as long as my alarm clock will let me.  I think that is a pretty small, ordinary, and actually spectacular thing!

Tonight I am thankful for making it thru today!  I won’t get a prize for today.  But I do get the satisfaction of knowing that I gave today everything I could!  And I can’t wait to sleep!  Good Night All!

P.S.  If you see a left “Alt” key for sale online, will you let me know?  My cats may be trying to make some money for more mouse toys . . .


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