Today was a day for great sales!!

First, I ran to Sam’s Club while a kiddo was in a meeting.  There was a purchase there that I’ve been eyeing.  It was on clearance for $50 off the retail price!!  The reason code on the clearance was that it was the “last one”!

Then over to Wal-Mart there were some clothes on clearance for $3 each!

Then over to Meijer where I found a good assortment of clearance items, saving over $100!  P.S.  Meijer has not had Soda Stream co2 refills for a month.

Tonight the hubster and I ran to Menards and found a needed appliance marked down $200 because of a dent!!  Woo Hoo!!

Tonight I am thankful for all the great sales today!  I didn’t want to spend all the money that we were needing to spend.  So it is fantastic to save so much while shopping!

P.S.  Here is one of three new stuffed animals in the house.  Do we need more stuffed animals?  Um, No.  But, they were on clearance for $1 each!!!  I do have a small clearance problem . . . but come on, Narwhals!



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