My office has been getting out of control.  The set up just wasn’t working.  And it’s been this way for a year.

When I first set up the office, I had great plans of seating for clients and desk space for kids.  But, let’s be honest . . . clients don’t come here!  We go OUT to look at houses and sign things either while we are out, or digital signing later.  And kids, pshh, the kids do their homework on their ipads or with a notebook propped on their knees while sitting in a recliner!

So, it was finally time to set my office up in a way that would work for me!!  This took several hours today!  You wouldn’t know it from this picture.  But this is only the part of the office that I am most excited about!  The other part of the office looks nice too!  But this is MY space!  AND, I can raise my desk (the black portion in the corner) to be a standing desk again!  I had so many things piled up that I hadn’t been able to utilize my adjustable desk for some time.  I am pretty excited over here!

Tonight I am thankful for an office re-do today!  It’s been a long time coming!  Maybe this week I’ll hang more things on the wall!


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