Doing Things

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the best accessories I’ve bought for my minivan is this desk that holds on to the steering wheel.  $11.99 thru Amazon Prime.  The desk holds on to the steering wheel, and viola! Instant office!

I have been taking full advantage of the two hour windows that I have twice a week now.  A kiddo has to be inside a building for two hours.  I am not needed there.  If I leave the parking lot, I’ll just spend money!  So I stay and give two hours to some of the things that always have to wait “til I have time”.  Tonight flew by!  I didn’t realize it had been two hours in my mobile office!

Tonight I am thankful for getting important things started tonight!  I’m looking to make good decisions!  That takes research, organization, and quiet time (like in a mobile minivan office!) to


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