Six Months

It’s been over six months since the doctor said that my son has scoliosis.  A trusted friend had been down this road with her daughter.  And she was one of my first phone calls.  I asked her to tell me everything!  I knew my friend had done her research!  And she generously shared what she had discovered.

To appease the doctor, we went to a hospital facility and saw a specialist.  Standard medical procedures for scoliosis are not very proactive.  His advise was to wait, come back in several months, and see if things got worse.  If things got worse, we would talk about surgery.

On my friend’s advice, we went to see a leading chiropractor who specializes in new research and treatments for scoliosis that don’t involve surgery.  I liked his plan better.  We would try things that should help, and then see where we were at in six months.

Hmm, do nothing and hope it doesn’t get worse.  Or try things that, if they failed, they at least wouldn’t make anything worse.  We chose the latter.

My son and I had a talk this morning while driving for his six month check-up.  I do have respect for the medical community.  I also have respect for the holistic community.  I think both groups working together can provide fantastic benefits to people.  My teenager was a little quiet with this discussion.  I put it to him this way, when I delivered him and his siblings, I had natural births.  I knew my pain tolerance and it was the best decision for me to make.  But, I had the births in the hospital because if anything went wrong, I wanted doctors there!  A good combination of doing things more natural and having modern medicine there working together for the best possible outcome . . at least that’s the way I view it.

So, with my update, I don’t want to completely bash traditional medicine.  I think they mean well.  But I think they need to look beyond what “they’ve always done” sometimes.  With the treatment we’ve been doing with my son, I am happy to report that the curves in his back have improved 5 degrees one one curve and 4 degrees on another curve!!

Tonight I am very thankful and blessed that my son’s back was caught at a great time when he is still growing; and we can help his body grow in a straight direction.  I am thankful for my friend sharing her knowledge!  I am thankful for a practitioner who has dedicated his work to find non-traditional methods to help scoliosis.  And I am so very thankful and blessed for this improvement!!  We’ll be working on this more.  And we’ll be back in six more months to measure again!

Below is the bracelet I wore today.  My Mommy got it for me for Christmas.  I know this is about my son and not me.  But, somehow the words on here just seemed to fit for this blog!  My son has been diligent in what he is supposed to be doing!  Prayers have been diligent for this boy’s back!  God has been faithful in working things to good. ❤


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