Good Averages

I tried this week to be more intentional with my goals.  I have this amazing planner to  help stay on top of things.  Last week I just seemed to be chasing after every thing that ran in front of me.

I wanted this week to be different.  So I tried to be intentionally doing things to make the week better.
This meant turning away from social media distractions – I was about 50% successful.
This meant making healthier food choices – I was about 90% successful.
This meant sleeping more – I was about 70% successful.
This meant staying focused – I was about 85% successful.
This meant staying intense about what I was focused on – I was about 80% successful.
I call those numbers a win!

Tonight I am thankful for being at Friday night and feeling much more in control of this past week than I did last Friday night!  This upcoming week better watch out!  I plan on staying intentionally focused on goals for family, me, and business!

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