Do you ever feel yourself slipping down an emotional path you don’t want to go down?  You try digging in your heels, clawing, and looking down a different path.  You keep trying to change directions, but you feel like you keep slipping.

That’s where I was.

I KNEW what the reality was.  But I FELT something different.  I knew my brain was right here and my heart got a little carried away.

And then there’s God, he’s watching this all.  He sees me struggling.  He’s standing there saying, you can do this.  You can change directions!  And he sends these people.  They are walking by this slippery path, and they say things.  Things that are just what I need to dig my heels in a little more.  Things to stop the sliding.  Things to help me take those steps to the other path.  And he’s there cheering, Yay, she’s doing it, she’s doing it!

I know God does things like that.  The Bible says he loves us and is our heavenly father.  A parent.  I know what I do when my kids change directions and make right choices, especially when it is hard for them.  And I cheer!  And the Bible says if we do these things, how much more does God do them; because his love is so much bigger than ours.  So yes, I believe he cheers for us and beams with pride!

Tonight I am thankful for the right words at the right times to help turn off the slipper path of emotional turmoil!  I feel like I’m back on the right path again.  I’ll feel even more secure once I’m more steps down this path . . a little more distance from the slippery path!  But I am so thankful to be off that slippery path!

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